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    Design Process Guidelines

    A step by step guide to process we take with our clients.



    owner activities

    • Provide design criteria, goals, and objectives
    • Assist in development of space requirments
    • Assist in development of space adjacencies

    jwb activities

    • Establish owner design criteria goals and objectives
    • Develop space requirements
    • Develop space adjacency diagrams

    master planning &
    conceptual design

    overall vision

    owner activities

    • Assist with expanded program information
    • Provide feedback on master plan design options
    • Select master plan design option
    • Provide phasing strategy criteria

    jwb activities

    • Gather any expanded program requirements
    • Generate and review multiple options / solutions and present to client for feedback
    • Make recommendations on viable option solutions created by describing strengths and weaknesses of each
    • Make revisions to one or more options to fine tune multiple solutions down to one most successful solution to be used as the basis of schematic design

    schematic development

    form and shape

    owner activities

    • Provide feedback on design interpretation of program
    • Input / feedback on plan layout / design concepts
    • Input / feedback on exterior design concepts
    • Input on “basis of design” including input regarding all engineering infrastructure components
    • Input on “basis of budget” approval and endorsement of various requests

    jwb activities

    • Develop schematic design documents to a level that truly illustrates the architectural and interior design intent of the site and facility
    • Develop “basis of design” including input regarding infrastructure components
    • Develop “basis of budget”. Coordinate variance requests
    • Coordinate other local jurisdictional submittal requirements

    design development

    texture and materials

    owner activities

    • Validation of design development consistency with schematic design documents
    • Input on technical aspects related to how the facility will function and design including all engineering infrastructure components, product data, and materials
    • Input / feedback on design development cost estimate

    jwb activities

    • Develop design development documents to a level that truly illustrates the functionality of a facility or interior space and the various engineering systems including preliminary development of all architectural, interior, and engineering documents

    construction documentation


    owner activities

    • Validation of construction documents consistency with design development documents
    • Input on technical details by owner, technical staff, or representative
    • Input / feedback on contractor cost estimate

    jwb activities

    • Develop design documents to a level that truly illustrates how to build the facility or interior space or particular engineering system
    • Finalize specifications

    contractor procurement

    qualify your builder

    owner activities

    • Endorsement of state and local submittal documents
    • Participation in pre-bid conference
    • Review and evaluation of bids
    • Selection of contractor(s)

    jwb activities

    • Coordinate final state and local submittals
    • Provide document clarifications
    • Respond to contractor RFI’s. Issue addende
    • Coordinate pre-bid conference
    • Coordinate receipt of bids
    • Tabulate and evaluate bids
    • Conduct pre-bid award conference

    construction administration

    follow building to completion

    owner activities

    • Participate in coordination meetings including pre-construction conference
    • Process monthly pay requests
    • Review / endorse change orders
    • Participate in development of punchlist
    • Process final contractor payments

    jwb activities

    • Coordinate pre-construction conference
    • Response to requests for information
    • Response to proposed changes
    • Review of shop drawings and submittals
    • Review of contractor pay requests
    • Coordination of any change orders if required
    • Coordination of weekly observations and reports
    • Assembly of punchlists based on the final walk-through
    • Issuance of certificate of substantial completion